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page personnelle : Fouad GIRI


1. Biographie


1997 : Habilitation to Supervise Researches, Grenoble Institut National Polytechnique (INP), France
1988: PhD in Automatic Control and Signal Processing, from Grenoble INP, France

Professional history

2011 to now: University Distinguished Professor, UNICAEN
1997-2011: University Professor, UNICAEN


2. Recherche

  • Keywords : System control, observation and identification, Power and energy systems control
  • Thèmes :
    • Current theoretical research interests: Adaptive Control and Observer design for infinite-dimensional systems that are described, entirely or partly, by linear and nonlinear PDEs.
    • Current practical research interests: Control and supervision of power and energy systems including renewable energy generation systems, smart grids, active filter control...
  • Awards : French IFAC NMO award 2018
  • Journal Editor Activities : AE of Automatica
  • Technical Societies : Chair of the IFAC Technical Committee 1.2 "Adaptive and Learning Control Systems"
  • Conference Editor & Organization Activities :
    • General Chair of the 11th IFAC ALCOSP 2013 & the 6th IFAC ALCOSP 2013, Caen, France.
    • AE and IPC member of the IFAC conferences and symposia
      • 2018 IFAC CESCIT, Faro, Portugal
      • 2018 IFAC CPES, Tokyo, Japan
      • 2018 IFAC LPVS, Florianopolis, Brazil
      • 2018 IFAC BMS, São Paulo, Brazil
      • 2018 IFAC SYSID, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Links
  • Publications :


3. Enseignement

La répartition de mes interventions pour l'année 2017-2018 : 

 institut  filière année type discipline
 ESIX  MeSN  3A  CM  Identification des systèmes
 ESIX  MeSN  2A  CM+TP  Représentation d’état des systèmes
 ESIX  MeSN  1A  CM+TD  Signaux et Systèmes
 UFR Sciences  SARI  LPro  CM+TP  Régulation industrielle


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